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Residential Manufacturing Building

Residential Division

131 Caldari Road, Concord, Ontario, Canada


  • 350,000 square feet component fabrication, glass processing

Production Capabilities

  • Window Wall
  • Sliding Doors
  • Awnings and Casements
  • Railings
  • Balcony Dividers

Process and Equipment

  • Fully automated processing of aluminum profiles and bending operations for flat sheet
  • Automated punching and forming of flat sheet
  • Set for high volume manufacturing

Glass Processing for all Divisions

  • Complete in-house capabilities for glass processing
  • Robotic sorting and cutting of glass
  • Two Lisec Sealed Unit lines with full offset capabilities, triple glazing, shapes, etc.
  • Spandrel glass – Opaci coat and Ceramic Frit
  • Pattern light/bird friendly
  • 2 Glaston tempering lines complete with intelligent visual monitoring for distortion and flatness
  • Heat soak capabilities
  • All equipment is leading edge with high volume capabilities

Quality Control

  • All products are closely monitored throughout the manufacturing process
  • Digital measurement systems for metal panels
  • IGCC, SGCC certified
  • Digital Argon measurement for insulated units
  • Barcode scanning through ERP system for order tracking

In-house performance testing performed daily on random samples of finished window and door products

Residential Manufacturing Building